‘I want to see my son’: Mother demands accused killer to reveal where he hid 35-year-old missing Houston man’s body

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HOUSTON – A missing person’s case has now turned into a murder investigation after authorities revealed what happened to 35-year-old Daniel Brown, who was last seen on Jan. 25 in the Washington Corridor.

On Wednesday, police revealed Daniel had been shot to death the night he went missing.

His accused killer, 27-year-old Trevyon Tellis, allegedly confessed to his murder but did not reveal where Daniel’s body is located.

“I just want him to pay for what he did to my son,” Daniel’s mother, Alma Brown, said.

Alma said she knew from the beginning that Tellis had something to do with her son’s disappearance. She added that she will not be at peace until Daniel’s body is found.

Alma said Daniel and Trevyon were friends.

“I personally asked Trevyon to come to the police station because I knew that he was the last person to contact Daniel,” she said.

Court documents revealed that Tellis pawned multiple items that belonged to Daniel and even used his credit cards to make purchases. During the arrest, detectives found Daniel’s belongings where Tellis lived in Third Ward and said he was wearing Daniel’s jewelry.

“Why do you think he was so bold to still wear (it) after he killed him? Two days ago, he called and asked if I would meet with him and his lawyer because he said I was putting his life in danger. That’s bold to kill someone and then wear his jewelry and be boastful,” Alma said.

Tellis remains in the Harris County Jail charged with capital murder. His bond was set at $200,000.

“I want his bond to be revoked if he’s bold enough to kill my son,” Alma said.

Daniel was a father and a musician. He studied at Morehouse College in Atlanta and was set to close on a home next month for his growing family.

His family wants Tellis to reveal where he hid Daniel’s body.

“I will not be at peace until I see my son. I want to see my son,” Alma said.

The family is still offering a $50,000 reward for information about where Daniel’s body could be.

Alma also believes other people could be involved in Daniel’s death.


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