MUGSHOT: Man charged with capital murder after his parents found stabbed to death in north Houston, HPD says

HOUSTON – The man accused of stabbing his mother and father to death on Tuesday evening has now been charged.

Nickie Costello, 35, is charged with capital murder. Police said Costello is currently in the hospital for injuries he sustained during the incident.

On Tuesday, officers responded to reports of the stabbing at 403 E Tidwell around 9:19 p.m.

Police said when they arrived at the scene, they found a man and a woman with multiple wounds. Officers said they were in the house when they heard noises coming from the back of the residence. According to police, they thought the suspect was possibly in the back of the house, so they called in SWAT officers to assist in clearing the scene.

Investigators said while the officers were in the process of clearing the house, they received a report of an accident on the North Freeway near the Beltway. Detectives said the person involved in the crash, which they later discovered was the victims’ adult son, also had a stab wound.

Nick’s parents were later identified as 50-year-old David Morgan and 56-year-old Juanita Costello.

According to investigators, the location where the stabbings occurred has a sign that says “Psychic Readings,” however, it is a private residence. The family may have been operating a business from the home, police said.

KPRC 2 spoke with the homeowner who said Morgan and Juanita, who were tenants, had been renting for two years. He was shocked to find out their deaths may have been linked to family violence.

“Nice people,” the owner of the home told KPRC 2. “Got along with them, didn’t have any problems at all. No problems to speak of. I know he owned a paint body shop and she did psychic readings on the side.”