VIDEO: Alligator found roaming in Fulshear neighborhood

A large alligator was found roaming through a neighborhood in Fulshear.

While wildlife spottings have become a regular occurrence in the area, Fulshear Police say they had to call for backup.

“When the Officer Stewart arrived on the scene the words from the movie ‘Jaws’ came to mind. ‘We’re going to need a bigger boat.’ Boat, being back up,” Fulshear Police wrote on Facebook.

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According to Fulshear Police, it took five officers to pull the large alligator across the street to a nearby pond. “I’ve only seen one other alligator larger than this one. This was about 8 feet and must have weighed 600 or 700 pounds,” said Captain Mike McCoy with the Fulshear Police Department.

Once they got it onto the grass near the water, the officers tried throwing a towel over the gator’s head. “We throw a towel over the alligator’s face the eyes and it basically calms the alligator down. We’re able to sometimes get on top of the alligator and wrap it’s mouth up like again stay away from the sharp edges,” Capt. McCoy said.

McCoy, who’d been shooting this with his cell phone, jumped in to help and used and animal control pole with a noose turned backwards to steer the alligator back into the water. “Our practice out here in Fulshear is not to dispatch the alligator. We love the alligators here too and as long as they are not a nuisance we will take care of them if they take care of us,” Capt. McCoy said.

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