Neighborhood alert: Coyote sighting in broad daylight in Katy, Fulshear areas

Katy, TEXAS – Neighbors have caught multiple daytime sightings of coyotes recently in the Katy and Fulshear areas. One man used his drone to capture video of a coyote near homes in Pine Mill Ranch.

Others have seen them along walking trails and have caught them on their front door cameras.

Many told KPRC 2 that the coyotes they encounter either keep moving or just go about their day.

“It just sat there in the sun just sunbathing and was just minding its own business,” said Cinco Ranch resident Matt Gelotti.

“The coyote didn’t come at us or anything like that it just looked at us and went back down in the culvert,” said Cinco Ranch resident Mike Musslewhite.

Wildlife experts said coyotes don’t want to get close to humans. They are usually looking for food, and that they could go after smaller pets.

One woman shared the story of her little dog named Zbo. He was attacked by two coyotes back in February and needed 10 stitches down his leg.

“We are so grateful he is still with us. No more walking without a leash. He is close to us all the time,” said Zbo’s owner Michelle Coughran.

“There are things you can do to be smart when living in areas where coyotes are,” said Houston Zoo Wildlife Curator Kevin Hodge.

Experts said do not feed coyotes, do not leave food outside of your home, keep your animals inside and keep your dogs on a leash.

“People have to learn to cohabitate with animals in the area,” said Hodge.

Also, if you ever encounter a coyote do not run and stand your ground. Hodge said you can yell or clap, make yourself big and back away slowly.

Hodge added that as more communities are built coyotes won’t run off because this is their home too.

Some neighbors said they are okay with that.

“Basically I feel we are in their territory. I’m fine with them around,” said Pine Mill Ranch resident Rey Buznego.

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