‘Tiger King’ documentary star Carole Baskin announces $5K reward for return of big cat spotted in Houston

Where is the tiger?
Where is the tiger?

HOUSTON – India the tiger is still missing in Houston.

Now, Carole Baskin, a star of the Netflix hit documentary “Tiger King,” is stepping in to provide a $5,000 reward “to the person responsible for the immediate, safe handover of India the tiger to a sanctuary that is accredited by the Global Federation of Sanctuaries,” according to a Facebook post Thursday.

Baskin added that the person’s efforts must be “sufficient to convict both buyer and seller involved in the transfer of the tiger.”

According to Baskin, the founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue, India, a Bengal Tiger, is probably 6 months old and about 150 pounds.

“I felt so bad for this cat,” Baskin told KPRC 2 on Tuesday. “It had probably never been free in its entire life.”

Over the weekend, residents in the Fleetwood subdivision were stunned to find a tiger sitting on a neighbor’s front lawn. In a cellphone video, a man, identified as Victor Cuevas, kissed the cat on the head before straddling the animal and leading it into a house.

He later fled from the police with the tiger, leading them on a chase before getting away.

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