3 things women should know about staying healthy in their 50s and beyond

Biggest health mistakes for women in their 50s
Biggest health mistakes for women in their 50s

HOUSTON – What if we told you that you can improve your odds of living a longer life, and you will feel better too? Common health mistakes may be holding you back, especially if you are over the age of 50. Often times women are so busy raising families that they look up and realize they have not taken the time to take care of their own health needs. Many times, waiting too long to discover a problem could mean even bigger problems down the road.

Janice Glover is no stranger to health challenges. She survived COVID-19 and 20 days on a ventilator.

“Every breath I took, I felt as though it was my last,” Janice said.

It was a terrifying time for everyone, including her husband.

“It was very scary,” said Janice’s husband Henry.

In her 30s, Janice beat breast cancer. In her 40s, she dealt with diabetes. And in her 50s, it was high blood pressure.

Mom and grandma Susan Greer said once she hit 50, everything changed.

“In my early 50s, I just wasn’t feeling good. I was tired,” said Greer. “I just didn’t feel like the energetic self I had always been.”

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