Strength training exercises to do from home without any equipment

Here is some home workout advice to remember while gyms are closed for another week.

HOUSTON – There are ways to strength train from home with just your body weight and a chair. Here are the things you can do from home before gyms open on May 18:

Stretch your hips

This is especially important if you sit at a desk all day.

“When you sit all day long this really affects the spine," explained Youssra Abouelnaga, a fitness instructor in Katy.


Place your hands on the edge of the chair and dip down to engage the back of your arms, stay close to the chair for proper form.


While seated with your hands behind your head, lift one knee to the opposite elbow and alternate.

“I don't twist with my knee, I twist with my waist to reach my knee,” Abouelnaga explained.

To strengthen your abs, she demonstrates laying on the ground, lifting your legs and moving them from left to right of the chair.

“It's important to stress pushing on the heels, not with the toes, to engage more in the hamstring and all the back of leg,” she said.

Calf raises

Using the chair, Abouelnaga lifts her body weight on both legs or alternates on one leg to strengthen calves. She recommends not holding on to anything for balance to increase difficulty.

Add weight with household items

Abouelnaga holds water bottles or Drano or anything with a handle because it can be easily held and add weight needed to increase muscle mass.

Burn fat

To burn fat, you can add speed to any of these exercises. Plus, add jumping jacks or mountain climbers to increase your heart rate and burn fat.