Are you making yourself look older without knowing it? Face washing mistakes that could cause damage

HOUSTON – You could be making yourself look older without knowing it. Common mistakes in your face-washing routine could cause major damage to your skin. There is a right way to wash your face to keep your skin looking beautiful.

1. Don’t wash too much

Only wash twice a day Advanced Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Virginia Marx says a lot of people need help in the face washing department. One mistake: washing too much. Twice a day is enough.

“You don’t want to over-cleanse the skin, again because you don’t want to strip the natural oils from the skin,” said Marx.

2. Water temperature is important

Marx recommends applying your cleanser in your hands with lukewarm water. The water cannot be too hot or too cold because you don’t want to strip the oils in the skin.

3. Watch your washing motion

The way you rub in the cleanser is important too.

“In circular motions go from the forehead around the eyes towards their cheeks, chin, and neck,” explains Marx.

4. Make sure you are using the right type of cleanser

The type of cleanser you use is also important. For affordable drug store options, Marx recommends these brands: Cerave, Cetaphil, and La Roche-Posay.

“If you have dry skin a gentle hydrating cleanser and if you have oily skin more like a foaming cleanser,” she adds.

5. Don’t over-exfoliate

When it comes to exfoliating, doing it too much can damage the skin. Marx recommends using a light exfoliate two to three times a week. The mild versions are better for your skin.

What about Micellar Water?

You may have seen the new type of cleanser called Micellar Water. Marx says you should only be using this in addition to your regular cleansing routine, not in place of a cleanser.

“It’s a great hydrating cleanser and I like to use it before I do my thorough cleanser. It helps hydrate the skin without stripping the oils,” Marx said.

Products you can skip

Two products you can skip: toner and cleansing face wipes. The toner can be too harsh. Wipes are okay to use if you are in a pinch but for daily use just don’t do the job.

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