Electricity off? Here are 8 ways to stay warm if your power is out

English Cocker Spaniel with a blanket (Adriana Morales/Pixabay.com)

HOUSTON – If you’re realizing the power is out and you want to do all you can to stay warm, here are some ways you could use to avoid the cold.

1. Layers, layers, layers

Don’t just put a coat on. Put on a tank, a long sleeve shirt, sweater, and then another sweater and then your coat. This is about staying warm, not fashion or looking svelte. Just put the layers on and wear a hat over your ears. Toasty yet? If not, grab some mittens or gloves or improvise with socks over your hands. And, speaking of socks, wear a couple pairs on your feet and then house slippers if you’re indoors. Stay indoors. This is not the time to be opening your house up and letting the cold inside.

2. Block those cracks and crevices.

Feel cold air coming in somewhere? Use thick towels to keep out the drafts, especially under doors and around windows. Use tape to keep the material in place. It may be unsightly for a time, but we’re looking for warmth right now, no?

3. Open blinds in the daylight hours, close them at night to keep out drafts

In addition to blocking drafts with towels, use your blinds and window coverings to your benefit. Open them during the day to let daylight warm your space as much as possible and at night, close them to keep drafts out and warm air inside.

4. Use a warming center

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