Attorney Ben Crump, George Floyd’s brother, and others march for justice for Black man killed in Texas

LA MARQUE, Texas – It’s been a month since Joshua Feast was shot and killed in La Marque, Texas. Since then, many have marched and demanded justice for his death.

On Saturday, Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump, the NAACP, George Floyd’s brother, Pamela Turner’s sister and Danny Thomas marched with people in the La Marque community.

Marvis Nelson said Feast did not deserve to die.

“He was a great man and no man should have to deal with what his family is dealing with right now,” he said.

Feast was shot and killed by La Marque police officer Jose Santos on Dec. 9.

Crump is representing the Feast family.

“It’s very clear to us that after what we saw happen in America this week that there are two justice systems that govern America. The police can deescalate when they want to deescalate,” he said.

Crump said too many black men are shot while running away.

“When it’s people like Laquan McDonald in Chicago, Illinois running away, the police don’t deescalate and that’s why we are demanding justice for Joshua Feast,” he said.

Joshua’s mother Lakeisha Feast said she has not heard anything from La Marque police about her son’s case.

“It’s time for Jose Santos to be arrested and charged with a crime,” she said.

People in the La Marque community say they’re making sure Joshua’s name and legacy live on.

“I’m marching for justice. He was clearly taken away from his family in an unruly matter,” Nelson said.

People marched to the La Marque City Hall and heard from several speakers, including Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

“I’m standing next to a mother who is hurt and is asking the question why,” Lee said.

His son, Joshua Jr., is also demanding justice.

Crump says it’s time for a change.

“Joshua was running away. He posed no threat. He posed no violence or no danger to the police, but when it’s a Black person police always come up with a reason to say they felt threatened,” Crump said.