Family demands justice for Joshua Feast; Demonstrators march to La Marque Police Dept.

Nearly three weeks ago, 22-year-old Joshua Feast was shot and killed by a La Marque police officer.

Since his death, hundreds of people have protested for change and demanded justice for Joshua and his family.

“Yes we here and we here for Josh! When we say his name we mean Josh Feast,” one organizer said.

On Saturday, people marched from the Food Rite store to the La Marque Police Department.

“Until they give us what…Justice and that’s what we out here for,” one person said.

“To me he was a fun-loving kid that likes to be up under his mother,” Lakeisha Feast, Joshua’s mother said.

On December 9, a La Marque police officer named Jose Santos killed Joshua, a 22-year-old Black man. An independent autopsy report and video recording released by the police have confirmed that Santos shot Joshua in the back as he was running away.

Bodycam video released Dec. 21 shows La Marque Police Officer Jose Santos shooting at Feast while he runs away.

ORIGINAL STORY: 22-year-old man fatally shot by La Marque police officer, department says

Joshua’s mother Lakeisha Feast says it’s been tough

“I’m still trying to process everything it’s still hard,” she said.

Dozens of people held up signs and chanted Joshua’s name. Joel Casas says it’s time for a change.

“I came out here today because I’m protesting police brutality and abusive police authority,” he said.

People marched down the streets making sure their voices were heard.

Joshua’s family and the community are demanding that Santos be fired and charged with murder and that La Marque Police Chief Kirk Jackson resign.

“I’m thankful for everybody who came out here to support my son, me and my son and my grandkids,” Lakeisha Feast said.

Friends, family, organizers and people in the community say they’re not giving up on Joshua.

“No I’m not Josh has an army behind him. He got family,” Lakeisha said.”

Santos was placed on administrative leave during the investigation.