All the consumer news you need to know this week


Hey friends!

It is Friday; but before I head out, I want to make sure you caught all of the biggest consumer news stories of the week.

It’s Tax Free Weekend!

This is Texas’ Tax Free weekend. You can save $8.25 for every $100 you spend on qualified tax-exempt items. While the holiday was created to help parents save on back to school shopping, there are a lot of non-school related products that are tax-free. Baby diapers, adult diapers, kitchen face masks and hunting and fishing vests are just a few of the items that are tax-free. Click here to see the full list and read more about the holiday that run August 7th through August 9th.

Amazon Mystery Boxes

Have you ever received an Amazon product that you didn’t order? When we aired this story about a new scam this week, a TON of people told me they have received these mystery packages. You can learn more about the scam and what to do if it happens to you here.

How you can make money from the high price of gold

The price of gold shot up to record setting $2041 an ounce on Wednesday. You don’t have to have a treasure chest or a pot of gold to make a little extra money from the soaring price. Find out how to make it work for you here.

Is the Google Plus settlement legit?

Many of you asked me this question when you received the email this week. It is not a scam, but read more here to find out if you really want to file a claim.

Take care & have a great weekend!