SCAM ALERT: Amazon sellers use your info, send packages you didn’t order to boost ratings

HOUSTON – It was like Christmas in July for Devon Lowe of Pearland, Texas when random Amazon boxes began appearing on her doorstep. The first was a book on how to cut off your adult kids, and it was addressed to her husband.

“We were all having dinner, you know…it’s Sunday and the kids were like, are you trying to tell us something or something? It was all funny…He was like, ‘No I didn’t order it.’ It was weird that it came in his name,” Lowe said.

It was weird enough that Lowe checked her Amazon account.

“Come to find out we didn’t order it. It just came so we never thought anything about it, and then we saw the Facebook post where someone else had it happen,” Lowe said.

She then realized the book wasn’t the only package that had mysteriously arrived on her doorstep. There had been others too.

“It was a showerhead, random. These cans of air that you use to clean a computer, and I know I didn’t order that,” she said.

On the other side of Pearland, Kathy Mars never received a single package but was affected by the scam, nonetheless.

Late one night, Mars received an email confirming an order via her Amazon account. But, it was after 11 p.m. and she hadn’t placed any orders.

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