Father and son share unbreakable bond as part of the Houston Police Department

HOUSTON – It started as a dream and became a reality.

Taylor Roccaforte grew up idolizing his father Sam who has spent almost 40 years with the Houston Police Department.

Their bond grew stronger about seven years ago when Taylor put on the same uniform.

“I was always wearing his uniform and shirts around, dressing up like a police officer, playing cops and robbers. It’s something that I always loved,” Taylor Roccaforte said.

Our camera crew caught up with the pair as they preparing to participate in the annual Houston Police Department Physical fitness test.

The test includes push-ups, sprints and long-distance running.

Sam now 67 years old admits it’s not as easy as it use to be but is thankful to have Taylor as back-up to help motivate him.

“For me, it was challenging, I still run every other day but the sprint is hard on me,” Sam Roccaforte said.

The father and son duo have experienced both the good and the bad that comes with a career in law enforcement, which is why they try and spend as much time together.

“Back in September, I was shot three times while pursuing robbery suspects and I Almost lost my life,” Taylor said.

Taylor was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

“When anybody calls you and says your son has been shot you want to say are you kidding me? but it was for real,” Sam said. “He was hanging on by a thread and we didn’t know if he was going to make it or not.”

It’s for that reason that Taylor and Sam don’t take these moments together for granted but instead use them to motivate each other while also getting in some quality time.

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