After challenges, Indigo restaurant decides to reopen for one year but then will close permanently

The Indigo restaurant in Houston will reopen for one year before permanently closing. (Indigo)

The Indigo restaurant which reopened on Tuesday is counting down its final days.

Detailing the struggle it has been to open and keep Indigo in business, the owners announced in an emotional Instagram post that the restaurant will reopen for one year before permanently closing.

“As I reflect on my life the past few years I know now that this is something I no longer want for myself. It has damaged me in every way imaginable,” owner and chef Jonny Rhodes wrote. “This will be Indigo’s final year. Thank you to everyone that has supported me & encouraged me to continue in my darkest of days.”

Indigo is known for its Neo-Soulfood menu featuring dishes inspired by the historical suffering and poverty of African-Americans as the restaurant strives to spark conversations about food apartheid in the Houston area.

The restaurant was forced to suddenly close in March as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

During the closure, the owners pursued plans to open a fulltime grocery store and farm.

“Whilst we had plans to work towards a grocery store in the fall, the sudden global pandemic closed our restaurant for public safety concerns. With the shutdown taking place March 17, by April 1 we had retrained our staff and adjusted our store to become a fulltime grocer for our community,” owner Channa Rhodes wrote on GoFundMe.

Indigo will remain open through July 24, 2021.

The owners are currently raising funds for the construction of Food Fight Farms and Broham Fine Soul Food and Groceries.

According to the owners, if the funds are raised by this August then the flagship grocery store and farm will both be ready to serve the Houston community by Juneteenth 2021.

As of June 23, more than 100 donors have raised $6,995.

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