Nearly 4 decades after her murder, founder of Texas EquuSearch says final goodbye to daughter

HOUSTON – During a small service at Mt. Olivet Catholic Cemetery in Dickinson, Tim Miller buried his daughter’s remains for the third time since her murder in 1984.

Laura Miller, 17, is one of four victims found in the so-called ‘Killing Fields’ during the 80s and 90s.

“In a perfect world, a child buries their parent. Unfortunately, things happen where a parent does have to bury their child,” Miller said. “But having to bury the same person three different times because of reasons out of our control, it was pretty devastating.”

Texas EquuSearch volunteers, families of the missing and investigators attended Tuesday’s service to support Miller. Galveston County District Attorney Jack Roady even delivered Laura’s eulogy and led the attendees in a prayer.

“I think I heard a little voice say, ‘Dad, I’m sorry for the all pain you’ve been through,'” Miller said.

Due to errors at the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office during the time Laura and the other victims were found off Calder Road in League City, Tim Miller had to bury portions of his daughter’s remains twice before. He sued the county and settled. Then at the end of 2019, Miller said was told more of his daughter’s remains were found stashed in a box at the ME’s office. He filed another lawsuit, then decided to drop it.

“Why should I make those people pay for mistakes that somebody made years ago and that person is no longer alive,” Miller said in reference to the previous medical examiner who has since died.

Laura’s murder is the reason Tim Miller founded Texas EquuSearch, an organization that has saved countless lives around the world. Tim said he is now focusing on the legacy founded on his daughter’s memory rather than the pain of her passing.

“It was time to say goodbye, it was time to say goodbye. It was very, very difficult carrying that little casket, but it’s time to say goodbye,” Miller said.

Miller said he has no plans to step away from Texas EquuSearch, just that he needed to close this particular chapter in his life. He said he remains optimistic someone will eventually be arrested for the decades-old murders.

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