Investigation sheds new light on decades-old mix up of ‘Killing Fields’ victims’ remains

The mix up was discovered in 1997 when a victim’s remains were exhumed and extra rib bones were discovered in her casket

LEAGUE CITY, Texas – Founder of Texas EqquSearch, Tim Miller is suing Galveston County for the second time over the handling of his daughter, Laura’s remains. Laura Miller is one of four victims found off Calder Drive in League City during the 80s and 90s in an area that became known as the “Killing Fields.”

“So they wonder, ‘why can’t you put your life back together?’ Because every day there’s a new story and it’s not pleasant,” said Tim Miller. “Do you think I want to cry over this 35 years later when my life is supposed to be healed and moving forward? Hell, no.”

Remains mixed up, now identified

In 1997, Tim Miller had his daughter’s body exhumed when the family learned not all of her remains were buried. Miller sued the county and settled.

“(I) said, ‘all I want is Laura’s remains so she can rest in peace,’ and here we are again,” said Miller.

During the exhumation it was discovered Laura was buried with more rib bones than a human should have. According to the current Galveston County Medical Examiner, Dr. Erin Barnhart, the extra bones were placed in a separate container and filed under “a different case number.”

Those extra bones have now been identified as belonging to another “Killing Fields” victim, Audrey Cook.

“It all makes so much sense. Way back in the day, they mixed these girls’ body parts together,” said Miller.