Burglars steal beloved dogs during southeast Houston break-in, family says

HOUSTON – A southeast Houston family came home to find their home burglarized and ransacked, but the only thing they want the burglars to return are their beloved pets. 

"They left the house a complete mess," said Lisseth Rivera.

Rivera said she came home to find that thieves had broken into her home through a window and stole gaming devices and attempted to break into a safe. She said once she and her husband started searching the home, they determined the thieves got away with something much more valuable.

"I can't believe it," River said. "They are my dogs."

Rivera said that worry set in when she realized that the family's purebred Boston terriers, Drego and Roxy, had been stolen. 

Rivera said that she filed a police report and spent the day handing out flyers in the neighborhood. She said all she wants is for Roxy and Drego to be returned home safely. 

"Please give (them) back," Rivera said. "You can keep the other stuff, but the dogs are like family for us."

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