Man who claimed self-defense in stabbing now charged with neighbor's murder

A Houston man was charged with murder after he claimed he stabbed his neighbor to death in self-defense.

On April 3, police say Stuart Simonton and Angela Wiseman Gailey were arguing at a duplex on Harrisburg Blvd. in Southeast Houston. At the time, Simonton told police he stabbed Gaily in the chest because she attacked him. 

Since Simonton claimed self-defense, the case was brought before a grand jury. Almost six months later, Simonton was indicted on a murder charge and arrested on Oct. 4. 

Gailey's sister, Susan Delgado told KPRC she was in constant contact with police and even took on the role of an investigator to ensure Simonton would be charged. 

"Me, turning into an instant detective, went to the property," said Delgado. "I looked around and I started seeing a different story. She had cuts all over her body, defensive wounds." 

Delgado says she later learned Simonton, who lived at and managed the property where her sister lived, had additional contact with her sister. 

"He was stalking her," said Delgado. "He was poking holes in her ceiling. He uprooted his kitchen floor to be able to watch her bathroom." 

At a press conference Thursday, the victim's sister urged other families in similar situations to work with investigators as they seek justice for their loved ones.