Video released of shooter who lurked for hour before killing construction worker

HOUSTON – Houston police and Crime Stoppers released surveillance footage of a man who lurked at an apartment complex for an hour in June before ambushing a construction worker and killing him.

On June 11, police say 39-year-old construction worker Rigoberto Vargas was returning to his apartment in the 9800 block of Glen Boulevard when a man ambushed him and fatally shot him three times in the back. 

Since the shooting, police have struggled to get information about the shooter about a possible motive. In a press conference Thursday, they released new footage of the man near Vargas' home, in the hopes of getting tips from the public. 

Police say 39-year-old Rigoberto Vargas was killed in an ambush attack in June.
Police say 39-year-old Rigoberto Vargas was killed in an ambush attack in June.

Police said Vargas' 7-year-old daughter tried to open the door for her father when the man came up from behind and shot several times. Three bullets struck Vargas in the back and several others missed him. 

"Rigoberto didn't see it was coming. He didn't know it was coming," police said in the press conference. 
One other person inside Vargas' apartment was also shot. The bullets missed the child.

"His 7-year-old opened the door and saw her father take his last breath in front of her," police said.

VIDEO: Surveillance footage of the man police say lurked for an hour before killing Vargas

From surveillance video, police learned that the man lurked near a washateria near Vargas' apartment for about an hour as he waited for Vargas to come home.He was wearing dark clothing and a gray hat, possibly with a Boston Celtics logo on it. As he waited, police say he put on blue latex gloves, which he was ultimately wearing when he shot Vargas. 

"This was not a mistaken identity," police said. "There's no way you shoot someone in the back three times for a mistaken identity." 

Police believe the suspect waited for Vargas specifically and ambushed him, though robbery was not a motive. They said in the span of an hour, there were many people who walked in and out of the apartment complex and the man had many chances to rob someone else if that had been his motive. 

Due to the time of day when the shooting happened, police believe many people at the apartment complex and in the area could have seen something and are urging people to come forward. 

Crime Stoppers Houston is offering a $5,000 reward for any information that might lead to an arrest or charge in this case. You can give an anonymous tip at (713) 222-TIPS or on the Crime Stoppers website

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