Woman bolts out of doctor's office, ditches bill after receiving Botox

A local plastic surgeon said a woman bolted on $2,000 Botox bill.

SUGAR LAND, Texas – A local plastic surgeon said a woman bolted on $2,000 Botox bill.

Dr. Clayton Moliver, a board certified plastic surgeon, said that the woman was very pleasant and personable. He said that she had booked an appointment with him at the Houston Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 

“We injected some Botox, we injected some filler,” Moliver said. “It cost a little over $2,000.”

The surgeon said when the woman went up to the front desk to pay, she asked to use the restroom. 

“A little while later they said, 'Whatever became of her?’ And so the girls went down to the restroom and she’s gone," Moliver said. 

When they started checking the woman’s paperwork, they realized that she provided a fake name and contact information. Moliver said they filed a "theft of service" report with HPD.

“I've been in practice for 30 years and this is really the first time we have ever had this happen.”

According to the surgeon, the patient posed for pictures before and after the procedure. He took to Facebook and posted the photo to see if anyone recognized her. 

The is the second bizarre Botox incident reported this week. In Sugar Land, a woman was caught on surveillance video using a saw to break into a Botox clinic to steal the anti-aging product. According to police, there has not been an arrest in either case.  

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“Things happen in the world today and there doesn't seem to be any consequences. It’s just the price of doing business and I think that's wrong," Moliver said. 

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