Suspect in woman's death leads police to remains in Third Ward, community activist says

HOUSTON – Alex Haggerty, the man who is charged with murder in connection with the disappearance of 37-year-old Brittany Burfield, led authorities to the missing woman's remains Friday, according to community activist Quanell X.

What we know

Houston police said homicide detectives were at a scene in the 3100 block of Hadley Street regarding "possible human remains found at the location."

Quanell X said he had a conversation with Haggerty, 38, on Friday morning. During that conversation, Quanell X said Haggerty admitted to killing Burfield and putting her body in a manhole in the Third Ward.

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"He felt that a lot of lies had been told about what had really happened and what had taken place. He shared a lot with me that I can't say now," Quanell X said.

Quanell X said Burfield's clothes were found, along with her body.

“After I finished all my crying, I have to tell you, I am really excited to have my baby back. I love Brittany. I would have loved her no matter if we found her or didn't find her. but I am so excited to have her back,” Burfield's mother, Trisha Valentine, said at the time of her daughter's disappearance.

What investigators said

Authorities said Haggerty admitted to multiple family members and friends that he drugged, stabbed and shot Burfield.

Investigators said Burfield was trying to help Haggerty get his life back on track. She gave him and his girlfriend a place to stay for a little while.

"Her mom taught her to help the underdog. That was her spirit. That's what she did with Haggerty. She wanted to help the underdog," Quanell X said.

Haggerty used Burfield's phone to call his parole officer after she was reported missing, investigators said.

Haggerty denied both of the claims.

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At the time he was charged with murder, Haggerty was on parole after serving 15 years in prison for a robbery charge. He was released in 2017.

Burfield's disappearance

Burfield was last seen at her mother's home in Sugar Land on June 25, 2018.

Members of her family said she wouldn't have left without telling them.

Haggerty was later charged with the death of Burfield even though her remains had not been found.

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