New videos show tense moments following deadly botched raid

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HOUSTON – New video shows the moments after a deadly botched raid on Harding Street.

In the two months since the Houston Police Department attempted to serve a warrant at a home on Harding Street, HPD's narrative has changed, officers have been placed on leave and state and federal investigations have been started.

What hasn't been seen is a close-up look at the immediate aftermath.

Riveting video files obtained by Channel 2 Investigates shows the aftermath of the shooting. The person recording the video at one point expressed concern for her neighbor, Rhogena Nicholas, who was shot to death, along with her husband Dennis Tuttle.

The video shows one officer being tended to on the ground minutes after the shooting. Officers can be seen crouching behind a vehicle with their injured colleague when suddenly, two shots ring out.

Stunned, the neighbor continued to record video and minutes later, first responders arrived at the scene.

The video shows first responders working on another officer beside a silver truck in neighboring yard. The sound of helicopters circling above pierced the air over Pecan Park.

Things appeared to be subdued, but not for long. Heavily armed officers were seen taking strategic positions. As the sun set on Jan. 28, it's clear Houston police still believed there was still someone inside the home.

"We cannot give medical attention if you are still inside the house. Exit the front door with nothing in your hands and listen to the voiced instruction. I guarantee that no one will hurt you," an officer said.

Four officers were shot in the raid.

Houston police Chief Art Acevedo told Channel 2 Investigates he anticipates HPD will finish their own investigation and turn it over to the District Attorney's Office soon.

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