Animal abuse task force, hotline, website launched in Harris County

HOUSTON – A new website and telephone hotline were launched Tuesday aimed at giving the public a fast and centralized way to report animal abuse.

Authorities gathered at the headquarters of Crime Stoppers of Houston to announce the launch of a countywide task force that will utilize information harvested from the hotline and website to investigate cases of cruelty against animals.

Officials said that the fastest and easiest way to report animal abuse is via The hotline at 832-927-PAWS is also available to file reports and is manned 24/7, officials said.

Officials said that among the things that should be reported are neglect, abuse, abandonment, hoarding in unsanitary conditions and fighting.

If the animal’s life is in immediate danger, people are still asked to call 911, officials said.

The task force method will allow the nearly 50 law enforcement agencies in the county to pool their resources to respond more quickly to reports of animal abuse, officials said.