How Houston plans to address homeless population during World Series

HOUSTON – With Houston hosting three World Series games this weekend, the mayor and police chief addressed how the city will handle the homeless camps near Minute Maid Park. 

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Will the homeless be made to leave the area during the World Series?

Mayor Sylvester Turner gave a strong, "no," to that question.

"We're not moving anyone because of this game," he said.

However, Turner said the city is conducting cleanup in many of these areas before Game 3 starts Friday.

How will security be handled around these areas?

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said his officers will have an increased presence around these areas, and not just with patrol officers.

"We're also going to be monitoring with undercover officers in and around the operational area, so we're ready," Acevedo said.

The chief also asked those who have to walk past some of the areas to be mindful of where they are.

"A little common sense and good judgment goes a long way. There's plenty of sidewalks that are not blocked," Acevedo said.

How are those living under the Highway 59 elevated reacting to the increase in activity?

A man who goes by the nickname "Batman" said he has noticed more police officers stopping by, offering rides to shelters. However, he said he is afraid that if he goes to a shelter, he'll lose the few possessions he has left.

"Hurricane Harvey took away my tent and my mattress," he said.

Still, Batman said he and some of his friends are considering whether they'll leave the area until the World Series is over.

"It's the best way to do it. Stay out of the way," Batman said.

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