Video technology helps capture suspect in brutal beheading​

HOUSTON – It was a horrific crime that stunned a southeast Houston neighborhood. Fifty-eight-year old Enayatolah Khorsand, Andy to his friends, was murdered inside his auto shop.

Late on the night of Aug.18,  the husband and father of two was beaten with a baseball bat, stabbed with a machete and decapitated by his killer.

"This man was beaten and beheaded, and it was all caught on surveillance video," explained homicide investigator Alexander Vinogradov.

"And we knew that, based on the position of the body, the cameras would have captured the murder potentially," he added.

Vinogradov knew his team would need help accessing and enhancing the video, so he could get a clear picture of the attacker.

"We made the decision right then and there to call the video and audio lab," Vinogradov recalled.

Megan Timlin, an audio/video analyst with the Houston Forensic Science Center, took the call.

"Kind of just in shock at first. That call in particular, because I was told it was a decapitation. It's not a call you get often or ever," Timlin said. "It's one of the worst videos I've ever seen in my entire life. It was brutal."