'Money Mike' sentenced to 6 months in jail for teen sex assault conviction

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HOUSTON – A Galveston County Jury Tuesday found 63-year-old Michael McIntosh guilty of sexual assault of a child and sentenced him to 10 years probation and a $10,000 fine. On Wednesday morning, a judge handed down a 180-day jail sentence as a condition of his probation.

The jury deliberated for about four hours Tuesday. McIntosh, also known as 'Money Mike,' was found guilty of running a private prostitution ring out of his home in Friendswood and having groups of teenage girls over to his home for sex in exchange for cash in 2013.


"We the jury find a defendant, Michael Wayne McIntosh, guilty of the offense of sexual assault of a child," read the verdict.

McIntosh never took the stand in his own defense.

He was facing the possibility of up to 20 years behind bars.

During closing arguments Tuesday morning, the state prosecutor said, "I never said this case was going to be pretty. Of course these girls made really bad decisions, of course they went down a very dark path, that's the point. The dark path leads them directly to Michael McIntosh's back door."

Both the state and defense rested Friday afternoon after the state's star witness, a teenage girl, was on stand answering questions about the case.

Police say in the summer of 2013, teen girls, as many as five, would go to McIntosh's home and have sex with him in exchange for cash. Many of the girls have taken the stand this week and said they went to his home on several occasions to get money, and they walked away with thousands of dollars.

The girls said they would use the money to buy food, gas, and even car insurance. At one point, the star witness was charged with prostitution but those charges were later dropped.