Ask 2: Answering questions about the surge in hospitalizations and current cases

(AP Photo/Petr David Josek)
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HOUSTON – During a Facebook Live Thursday morning, KPRC2 Health Reporter Haley Hernandez talked about the surge in coronavirus cases across Texas hospitals and answered your questions below.

Are schools going to reopen if the cases keep going up? And is that up to the state or each school district?

Is it true that sunlight is supposed to kill virus? Heat and UV light are still being researched. Here’s an example of what they know about UV light on surfaces.

Are daycares required to shut down if a teacher is positive? Here are guidelines from the CDC.

Can you get the virus twice? That’s still being researched, but there’s a lot of hope you won’t get it again, at least not within a short time period.

How do you track cases by county? Here are two websites that can help:

Are the number of recoveries subtracted from the positive cases? Click here to find out.