Can UV light kill coronavirus on playgrounds?

HOUSTON – Based on scientific evidence, UV light can kill a variety of viruses.

So can the sun kill the novel coronavirus on frequently touched outdoor play equipment?

It probably can, according to UT Health Epidemiologist Catherine Troisi.

“We do know that UV light kills viruses on environmental surfaces. It’s not going to help you if you are infected, the sun is not going to cure you,” Troisi said.

This means, UV light won't kill the virus in or on your body, that's why washing your hands is your best defense and if you get it, no UV light machine can reverse that.

Since it’s well known that UV light has been shown to destroy SARS and MERS, which are other types of coronaviruses, the best information we have to go by is that UV rays will probably also kill the novel coronavirus on surfaces like slides and swings.

“Of course, it has to be exposed to the sun and there’s always parts that are in shadows, that wouldn’t work then,” explained Troisi.