Adopt a cat from Maui: Cat café sends urgent plea for fosters, adopters amid wildfires

How Houstonians can help

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As deadly wildfires ravage the island of Maui, one cat café is staying open to rescue as many four-legged friends as possible.

Cat Café Maui, which opened last year in Kahului, recently took in an influx of cats rescued from the wildfires with the help of the Maui Humane Society, according to a video posted on Instagram.

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In the video, Sara, from the Maui Humane Society, made an urgent plea for help as rescuers bring lost cats to safety, amid an ongoing feral cat crisis on the islands.

“Our beloved island is currently being ravaged by a devastating fire tragedy, leaving countless cats injured and searching for safety,” the post said. “As a local animal shelter, we desperately need your support to make room for these lost and injured felines.”

However, the plea for help is not limited to just the Hawaiian Islands.

Cat Café Maui and the Maui Humane Society work with residents who live in mainland U.S. to help transport a cat to your home should you wish to help. They partner with several airlines such as Delta, Hawaiian, and Alaska to facilitate the transport, although there are several requirements and associated costs, including a health certificate and a mandatory rabies vaccination.

“Now, more than ever, we need your help. Our island is facing an unprecedented crisis, and together we can make a difference,” the post continued. “Please reach out to us if you are interested in adopting or fostering a cat. We appreciate any support you can offer, whether it’s sharing our plea with your network or donating towards emergency medical supplies for these affected animals.”

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To learn more about adopting or fostering a cat, click here, and scroll down to the last question on the bottom that says, “Can I adopt a cat from the mainland?”

For those who are unable to adopt a cat at this time, monetary and supply donations are also accepted. To donate, click here.

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