Watch as live alligator found in attic by inspector

Inspector in North Carolina certainly wasn’t expecting this

This was certainly not a sight you normally see on a normal house inspection.

While conducting a normal house inspection in North Carolina, Dean Brown found a live alligator in the attic of the home.

This happened in March and is part of a series where we are looking back at most-watched viral videos.

The video had nearly 400,000 views at the time this story was published.

Brown thought initially it was a fake or stuffed alligator, but quickly found out it wasn’t.

“Once I shined my flashlight on his head, his eyes did open,” Brown said. “He gave me a wink (and) let me know, ‘I’m alive.’”

It’s uncertain how the alligator got in the attic, but Brown suspected the alligator walked through an open door somehow and made its way there.

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