Where2Eat: 6 of Galveston’s best eateries, according to locals and visitors

BBQ shrimp from Soul 2 Soul Cafe. (Soul 2 Soul Cafe - Facebook)

GALVESTON, TexasWhether it’s date night or you just want to find a new place to eat, sometimes settling on a spot can be an ordeal. We took a look through Yelp! and found the highest-rated restaurants for your neighborhood. Our “Where2Eat” series will show you the hot spots in your area.

Here is where Yelp! reviewers like to eat in Galveston:

Fish Company Taco

Where: 1914 23rd Street Rating: 5 stars Number of reviews: 147 What people are saying: “This place is one of those ‘heart of the community’ gems you love to find. Good food and good people.” - Dave J.

“This place literally has some of the best fish tacos money can buy! I work on the island and this place is a frequent spot we dine for lunch. Not only do I love eating and enjoying the food, but the customer service experience is excellent, one of a kind!” - Michael and Antoinette F.

“This restaurant is an absolute go-to when visiting Galveston. The owner is an incredible Chef and we ended up ordering an assortment of incredible dishes. From Thai tea to the most amazing assortment of tacos and delicious sides like the Brussel sprouts, we loved every bit of it. This place will always have our business after we saw how the owner was continuing to feed those out of work during the pandemic.” - Amanda M.

Soul 2 Soul Cafe

Where: 3104 Market Street Rating: 5 stars Number of reviews: 86 What people are saying: “Incredible! We had the fried ribs and the catfish, the food was amazing, and the service was even better!” - Steven C.

“This place has great food! I love the meatloaf & mashed potatoes daily special the best. You can choose 2 sides with it. They have a small little dining area and it’s not fancy, but just show up for the food. You won’t be disappointed.” - Jane M.

”This place was great. It is a hole in the wall with fantastic home cooked food. I had the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese, and corn. It was all great. We will be back for more! Give them a shot.” - Roy B.

Yanni’s Gyros And Kebabs

Where: 8027 Harborside Drive Rating: 5 stars Number of reviews: 49 What people are saying: “Yes yes and more yes. We loved everything they offered here! Not a thing wasn’t fresh hot and delicious! One of our favorites on the island!!” - Rob J.

”Yanni’s is an awesome spot if you’re extra hungry or just want to have leftovers too! The food is absolutely amazing and authentic. The owner is so sweet and genuinely cares about his business. And the waitress was so sweet I can’t wait to go back!!” - Courtney Ann R.

”We love this place. We had Gyro’s, salads, and fries. It was awesome. We also had a hummus appetizer that’s was out of this world. We will be back often.” - Roy B.

ShyKatZ Cafe Deli & Bakery

Where: 1528 Avenue L Rating: 4.5 stars Number of reviews: 573 What people are saying: “Our breakfast stop when visiting Galveston. Small diner, great options, and friendly staff. The staff did a good job ensuring social distancing and hygiene during 2020 pandemic. We definitely recommend!” - Latoya E.

“The food was great. The atmosphere is local and fun. Fresh homemade bread with your breakfast. Home fries are crispy. French toast is yummy too. Busy but understandably why.” - Laura O.

“Love the atmosphere, feels like you’re eating over at a friend’s. And the food... absolutely amazing! Loved every bite! Whenever our next trip to Galveston comes along, we will definitely be back!” - Rebecca B.

Coastal Grill

Where: 1827 Strand Street Rating: 4.5 stars Number of reviews: 123 What people are saying: “Amazing! Loved the atmosphere and staff was super friendly and helpful with our large group. Fast and hot when brought to the table!” - Hannah P.

“Our favorite spot around! We LOVE the lobster, never disappoints. Everything is ordered separately. But we haven’t gotten one thing we wouldn’t get again. My wife loves the club sandwich. Made with potato bread and had fresh gyro meat and avocado. We will try the pizzas next. :))” - Rob J.

“What a wonderful surprise. We really enjoyed the food at Coastal Grill. We loved the jalapeño scrabble stuffed peppers. We ordered two of the surf and turf and it was all very good. The fried shrimp was some of the best I’ve ever tried. Overall very good quality meals. Plus outstanding service.” - Dean J.

Old Moon Deli & Pies

Where: 408 23rd Street Rating: 4.5 stars Number of reviews: 108 What people are saying: “The best sandwich or salad on the island, fresh ingredients and great service. Wish I could give more than five stars.” - Kara W.

“Great sandwiches and desserts. Delivery service was great too. Best place for sandwiches in Galveston Island. Hope to come to the restaurant and dine in sometime.” - Danny D.

“They have the best sandwiches that are fresh and unique. If you have diet restrictions, don’t worry they have options including gluten-free and vegan. It’s a great place to eat or just to pick up. I highly recommend the turkey club or the Greek sandwich.” - Rachel B.

What do you think of these picks? Do you have a favorite Galveston spot? Share your recommendations in the comments.

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