Crawfish seasoning 101: This is the correct way to cook crawfish, according to our KPRC 2 audience

HOUSTON – With crawfish season now in full swing, we were curious to know how Houstonians cook their crawfish.

One of the biggest debates concerning the preparation of mud bugs is whether the seasoning is added in the pot while it’s boiling or after?

We received many hilarious responses from our KPRC 2 audience in Texas, Louisiana and even California.

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Below are the four most common ways and what our KPRC 2 audience had to say about each:

Before the water is actually boiling

“You season the water as it comes to a boil,” said Twitter user Scott Harbison.

“Way before it starts to boil. It’s like marinating a steak,” added KPRC 2 viewer Jason Gould.

While its boiling

“IN. THE. POT!!! Never saw seasoning on the outside until I moved to Texas. If my eyes aren’t watering from the spice, it ain’t spicy enough," wrote Facebook user Taylor Matthews.

“While boiling. Doing so afterward only serves to burn your lips and fingers," wrote Twitter user Weston Davis.

“Everyone on here who said in the pot please invite me to your next boil!!!" wrote Twitter user Christian Adana. “All this time I thought Houston liked to put seasoning AFTER which is a TRAVESTY!!! I stand corrected."

“Never afterwards. Mine come out taste and spicy. I don’t like all that seasoning powder on my hands," said Facebook user Francisco Maldonado.

Both ways

“Both but on the outside is optional, you absolutely have to have it in the water though," argued KPRC 2 viewer Matthew Walker.

“Both is fine but if there’s not seasoning IN the boil, it’s not ok. Ever,” Facebook user Shell Lee agreed.


“Dealers choice. I’ve done both. I prefer after,” wrote Twitter user @GrillMa95717461

Let us know your favorite way to cook them in the comments!

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