As Seen On TV: Best and worst of 2016

HOUSTON – Every Tuesday consumer expert Amy Davis features an "As Seen On TV" product. She shows you through very unscientific tests how well they do or do not work.

This year, Davis tested 36 items. Seventeen worked and earned a nod from testers, 16 got a thumbs down and three were inconclusive.

The worst of 2016

The top flops included Laser Bond. The glue that claims to form a strong bond couldn't even hold a broken plastic hanger together long enough for our test.

The Angry Mama, a steam cleaner that claims to make cleaning your microwave a breeze, got a lot of publicity this year, but reporter Robert Arnold said the product fell short.

"Honestly, I don't think she did more than you can do for yourself with a bowl of water and vinegar," Arnold said after trying to use the Angry Mama to clean his messy microwave.

Women everywhere wished you could spray on a perfect manicure with Spray Perfect, but the product left a hot mess on our producer's hands.

"Spray Not Perfect," said one producer who tried the product without success.

Dutch Glow, which claims to return your old wood furniture to like new condition was a Dutch "No." Even the 7-year-old who tested it with his parents knew it.

"Whoever made this lied to us," said Spencer Sherman, as he held up the Dutch Glow bottle.

The Power Flosser lacked power and just didn't work.

The best of 2016

Some of the best products included toys for kids.

Battle Balloons were a smash hit. Just as the commercial claimed, the dye in the balloons washed right out of clothes.

The Wow Cup held its seal and kept juice inside.

The Red Copper pan worked like magic when our tester made a sticky caramel sauce.

Got a product you want Amy to test?

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