When you can expect Saharan dust to arrive

This NASA shot of a previous dust storm illustrates how large these are
This NASA shot of a previous dust storm illustrates how large these are

The dust storm you see in today’s cover photo is a previous one but look at the one via enhanced color imagery that is moving off of the African continent as we speak. I’ve circled it in blue on the right-hand side:

I've circled in blue the dust that is moving off Africa right now

That is a very large dust storm! So when do we expect it to get here? Take a look at the forecast and just follow the bright colors. Here’s the dust by Thursday of this week:

Dust on Thursday of this week

Happy Father’s Day -- here is Sunday’s forecast with the heaviest dust in the central Atlantic but starting to edge into the Gulf of Mexico:

Father's Day Dust on Sunday

Next Wednesday, if not a bit sooner, June 24th the dust arrives.

Dust is here next week, but Wednesday if not sooner

Sinus sufferers hate this dust and I don’t blame them. You can’t really “see” it as the dust is usually pretty fine by the time it gets here, but itchy eyes, noses and throats are all possible if you are sensitive to it. So be prepared.

The upside: the dry, dusty air keeps tropical storms from forming. The next five days at least, and quite possibly the rest of the month, remain quiet:

Quiet tropics this week

In the meantime, a return to more typical June weather this week: warm and humid, with scattered afternoon sea breeze showers by the weekend/


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