Powerful storms flood roads, cause damage in Houston area

HOUSTON – A strong line of storms pushed through the Houston area Thursday morning, bringing heavy rain and high winds to parts of the area.

In Katy, some fences near Morton Road were knocked down due to the weather and debris is in the road.

“We heard a loud noise, my son came running out of the room … and said, ‘do we need to go to the bathroom,’” said Shannon Burge Womack. “The windows were rattling. You could see things flying in the backyard, so that’s when I put everything down and came to look in (the front yard) and saw (the downed tree). I saw the trash cans flying in the air. It’s as a scary few moments.” 

As more people head out, it is recommended to take it slow and be cautious because the roads are slick and the rain is making it hard to see. 

A few accidents and spin-outs have been reported at various locations across the city, but nothing causing major delays yet.

A flood advisory is in effect for much of the area and drivers should watch for street flooding.

A vehicle tries to re-enter a roadway after spinning out and getting stuck in the median on Interstate 45 near Conroe, Texas, on Dec. 27, 2018.

High water locations

Houston TranStar reported high water in the following locations:

  •  IH-45 Northbound Before SH-242 in Montgomery County    1 Frontage Road Lane    Verified at 8:53 AM today    
  •  IH-69 Northbound At Williams Way Blvd in Fort Bend County    2 Frontage Road Lanes    Verified at 6:46 AM today    
  • SH-87/ Broadway Northbound At ROLLOVER LN in Galveston County    Right Shoulder,Center Lane    Verified at 8:29 AM today    
  • SH-87/ Broadway Southbound At SH-124 in Galveston County    All Mainlanes    Verified at 8:32 AM today    
  • FM-2920 Eastbound At Calvert Rd    All Mainlanes    Verified at 7:23 AM today    
  • FM-2920 Westbound At Calvert Rd    All Mainlanes    Verified at 7:25 AM today   

Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management reported high water in the following locations:

  • Walden / Bois Darc,
  • Johnson Road 1 mile east of FM 1486,
  • 1097 / Bilinoski,
  • 12100 Calvary Road,
  • 8000 Block Bilinoski,
  • 10386 Block County Line Road,
  • Old Hwy 105 E / Duck Creek,
  • 45 @ St Luke's Way,
  • Honea Egypt Rd / Lake Creek Circle,
  • Spring Branch / Spring Branch Cemetery,
  • FM 149 / Flamingo Lake to Bailey Grove,
  • Water on Road, but remains passable use caution:
  • Giles / 1486,
  • I45@242,
  • 59SB and the Grand Parkway,
  • Nichols Sawmill / Hanks,
  • Nichols Sawmill / Connie,
  • Walnut Creek / Stagecoach,
  • FM 149 / Bethel Rd,
  • Liberty Street / Simonton St,
  • Liberty Street / W FM 1097,
  • Research Forest / Branch Crossing,
  • Grogan's Mill / Grogan's Park,
  • Hope @ I 45

There are also areas that frequently flood during heavy rain. Click here to view that list.

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