Want cheap airfare? New travel club offers premium discounts

Members of Dollar Flight Club thrilled with savings on travel

HOUSTON – Margaret Baker is a personal fitness trainer who is training her husband Allen how to score the very hottest deals on air travel in a matter of minutes.

At the same time, Natacha Poggio is a University of Houston Downtown professor who is already packing her bags in advance for her next, screaming-deal-getaway.

Both women are members of a new, inexpensive travel club called the Dollar Flight Club.

It’s a club that promises to save members hundreds of dollars on both international and domestic flights by sending email alerts several times a week, with fantastic deals to places all over the country and all over the world.

On one recent trip, Baker and six of her closest friends went to Turks and Caicos through a low-cost deal that Baker got through the Dollar Flight Club.

“So a trip to Turks and Caicos normally costs around $800 and I got it for just $450 a ticket,"  Baker said. So, I saved about $350. We saved a total of around $2,500 as a group."

Poggio, who has traveled all over the world, also just got an amazing deal emailed to her through the Dollar Flight Club.

“Like, right now, for Antigua, today, I just got an email for a flight to Antiqua, round-trip, just $152," she said. That’s, like, what you spend on a nice dinner at a restaurant."

How does the Dollar Flight Club work?

We sat down with Jesse Neugarten, the CEO and founder.

“So, the first thing you’re going to do is Google dollarflightclub.com," Neugarten said. "And then you hit the button that says ‘get started for free’ and then you are going to enter your email address and password."

From there, members can choose to join Dollar Flight Club for free or buy the premium membership package.

The difference is, the premium membership offers 75% more deals than the free membership.

Members are also going to be able to get deals for multiple departing airports that they choose.

For example, they can ask for great deals not just departing from Houston, but from Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and New Orleans.

Some of those deals may be so good, they are willing to drive to those airports in return for saving hundreds of dollars.

With the free membership, you only get to list one departing airport and there are no domestic flight deals included.

“You want to list as many departing airports as you can that you are willing to fly out of, because the more departing airports you list, the more deals you are going to get," Neugarten said. 

What are those deals like?

Here is a sample of some of the email alerts that have been sent to Dollar Flight Club members.

  • Houston to Sydney, Australia is $496 round-trip, or a savings of $900 from the original cost of $1,400.
  • Houston to Bangkok, Thailand is $399 round-trip, a savings of $900 from original cost of $1,300.
  • Houston to Johannesburg, South Africa is $499 round-trip, a savings of $500 from normal cost of $1,000. 

There are domestic flight deals, as well. 

For example, we found one deal through Dollar Flight Club going from Houston to Detroit for $52.00 round-trip.

The cost of a premium membership with the Dollar Flight Club is $69 a year.

As for Baker and her husband Allen, they may just have found their next dirt-cheap-getaway.

“Look at this trip to Aruba for 300 bucks," Margaret Baker said. "That is crazy." 

There are more discount travel websites to check out.

Links to those websites are directly below.




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