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We are recognizing Rail and Child Passenger Safety Week. Two very important topics that need all the attention possible.

Rail Safety Week

METRO Houston recently prompted this question: Do you know what to do if your car stalls or gets stuck on the tracks? I honestly have not given it much thought, so when I read their tips, I was enlightened! Here’s what they said:

  • No. 1 thing: Get out of your car.
  • Locate the blue and white emergency notification sign.
  • Call the number provided for help.

That emergency blue and white sign could have varying contact information and details depending on location, so it is important to locate that sign to get the appropriate help. Always stay alert around railroad tracks and trains. Always be cautious when approaching railroad crossings.

Child Passenger Safety Week

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study found three out of four kids aren’t as secure in the car as they should be because car seats aren’t used correctly, which is why it is so important to bring attention to this issue, especially in today’s highly mobile society. Sadly, this mobility comes at a price. According to NHTSA, more than 171,000 kids were injured and more than 1,200 died in car crashes in 2010 – enough to rank motor vehicle crashes as a leading cause of death for children in the U.S. Many of these deaths could have been prevented. Research shows that, when used properly, safety belts and safety seats are the most effective tools in preventing injuries and deaths in vehicle crashes.

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Travel update: Sunday, Sept. 19, Transportation Security Administration officers screened approximately 2,371,992 people at airport security checkpoints nationwide. Remember to arrive early and check with your airline prior to departing for airport.

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