Ask 2: If you get a red light camera ticket do you still have to pay it even if they have been outlawed?

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Question: Humble still has them, but if you get a red light camera ticket do you still have to pay it even if Abbott outlawed them?

Answer: Effective June 2, 2019, per HB 1631, 86th Texas Legislature, local authorities are no longer permitted to install or operate photographic traffic signal enforcement systems, or red light cameras, and use of evidence from photographic enforcement systems is prohibited.

The new law does allow municipalities with ordinances enacted before May 7, 2019, that entered into a contract for the administration and enforcement of a photographic traffic signal enforcement system to continue to operate the system under the ordinance, contract, and Chapter 707 of the Texas Transportation Code until the expiration date specified in the contract, as long as the contract does not include language allowing termination of the agreement if the systems are banned.

So, what this means is, if a municipality is under contract with an entity to enforce the red light camera system, and can’t break it, they are legally allowed to continue using red light cameras until the contract is terminated.

Humble is an example of this and they can legally send you a ticket. Now, since the ticket is a civic violation and not a criminal violation, there is no language that can force you to pay. It is a voluntary decision.

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