Watson, O'Brien, Watt respond to local superintendent's 'black QB' remarks

By Matt Aufdenspring - Digital Managing Editor, Syan Rhodes - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, head coach Bill O'Brien and teammate J.J. Watt responded Wednesday to the racist remarks made by a local school district superintendent about Watson.

After Sunday's loss to the Titans, Onalaska Independent School District superintendent Lynn Redden posted a comment about Watson's play that read:

"That may have been the most inept quarterback decision I have seen in the NFL. When you need precision decision making you can't count on a black quarterback."

VIDEO: Deshaun Watson speaks on superintendent's comments about black QBs

According to the Houston Chronicle, Redden regretted the post and said he thought he was responding to a private message. 

The post has since been deleted.

Houston Chronicle

Watson was asked about it immediately after he stepped behind the podium at a Wednesday morning news conference.

"That's on him. May peace be with him. I worry about me, so I'm not worried about what he had to say," Watson said.

When asked if he has ever experienced racism as a black quarterback, he responded, "Of course. I mean, that's everyday life, I guess. But I'm all about love so I don't focus on any of that. I love all people and that's what I focus on."

"I can't control what other people's beliefs are. I can control what I can control, so I just focus on me and that's it," Watson said.

When asked if Redden should be fired, Watson said that's not his decision.

However, Dr. James Douglas, president of the Houston branch of the NAACP and who was born in Onalaska, said Redden has to go.

"My feeling is the school board's going to get rid of him," Douglas said. "You can't have that kind of attitude and remain in a position where you're dealing with kids of all races so no I don't think he ought to keep his job."

O'Brien also addressed the issue at the news conference.

"I heard about it. I really don't want to waste a lot of time responding to outdated, inaccurate, ignorant, idiotic statements. I'll just let Deshaun's proven success on the field, his character off the field speak for itself," O'Brien said." "He's one of the greatest guys I've ever coached. He represents everything that's right about football, about life."

VIDEO: O'Brien speaks about 'black QB' remarks

"His teammates respect him, his coaching staff respects him and, in this day and age, it's just amazing that that B.S. exists, but it does. But we're moving forward," he said.

"Our fans, they love Deshaun and we're really concentrating on the Giants," he added.

O'Brien then looked at his watch and said he wasted about 90 seconds responding to the "B.S."

Reporters asked the same question of teammate J.J. Watt, who said he and all the Texans have complete trust in Watson.

"I saw the headline. I don't think it deserves any attention from any of us. I think it's a very ignorant comment that doesn't deserve any more play than it should get. It's very unfortunate," Watt said. "Anybody that speaks like that should get any run. It's ridiculous."

VIDEO: Watt speaks about 'black QB' comments

The Onalaska school board sent KPRC2 a statement that read:

"The OISD does not condone negative comments or actions against any race. The district values every individual and therefore the district will take the appropriate measures to address the situation expeditiously and completely."

KPRC2 has learned the school board will hold a special meeting Saturday to discuss possible action regarding the superintendent and his contract.

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