Given An Opportunity: Hollas, Parker excited about TAPPS laying out plan for the Fall

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HOUSTON - The word that Randy Hollas kept using was opportunity.

With the TAPPS announcement of new start dates for its fall and winter sports on Friday, The Woodlands Christian Academy athletic director and his coaching staff's have a plan in place.

"I think first and foremost it's good because it means we're having [a season]," Hollas said about the announcement.

Hollas penned a letter to TAPPS officials recommending they start the season October 2, which is pretty much what TAPPS is going to do. Per their webinar, the first week of football games cannot happen until the week of September 28 but it will be a truncated season as they are not planning on shifting the state championship dates, which means a shorter regular season.

Despite not getting a full 10-game regular season, Hollas said at least they are getting "an opportunity to play football".

"They are still going to get an opportunity to be all-state and all-district and compete for a championship," Hollas said. "That's really what we want to provide for kids. It tore our hearts out to have to take that away from kids last year."

There will be some adjustments to the TWCA football slate.