VYPE 411: Klein Oak track star moves on to UL-L

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VYPE caught up with Klein Oak's recently graduated track star Ariel Young, who specialized in the 400-meter run and triple jump. Young was one of the 36 student athletes who participated in the 2020 National Signing Day at Klein Oak High School and signed a letter of intent to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for track and field. VYPE's Ashley Birdsong got to know a little more about Young.

Young was recently named the co-Winner of VYPE Houston's Jumper of the Year Fan Poll.


VYPE: How long have you been doing jumping for track and how did you get your start?

Young: "I've been jumping for four years. I first started jumping my freshman year in high school. I thought triple jump looked cool and I wanted to do something else besides running, so I decided to give it a try."


VYPE: What is your favorite thing about jumping?

Young: "My favorite thing about jumping is how technical it is. I love how for you to improve you must find different techniques that work for you personally. I also love how exciting track meet days are because you could win it all with just one great jump."


VYPE: Go-to pregame meal? Routine?

Young: "I always eat pasta the night before, and then I normally eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some fruit before I compete. Before the meet I always look over my old videos to see what I could improve on, and when I'm warming up, I go over all of my jump phases in my head. I also pray while I'm stretching to calm my nerves."


VYPE: Favorite subject in school?

Young: "My favorite subject in school is science. I absolutely love chemistry."


VYPE: What's your greatest accomplishment in track?

Young: "My greatest accomplishment would probably be when I got third at regionals my junior year after I had a hip injury that kept me from competing my sophomore year. Although I did not make it to state, I was reminded how hard work pays off because I was still able to do decent after being out for a whole year."


VYPE: Off the track, what is your favorite thing to do?

Young: "Off the track I love to go to Cyclebar with my friends. I also love to paint canvases and write in my journal because it's very relaxing to me."


VYPE: In all of your years of track, what is the one memory from the game you'll never forget?

Young: "I think one thing that I'll never forget is that for jumps specifically all it takes is one jump. One good jump and you could win. So, if you don't do as good on your first attempt, it's important to stay calm and focused so you can always do better on the next one."