THE PERFORMER: TWCA captain Calimani playing her own tune

THE PERFORMER: TWCA captain Calimani playing her own tune (Copyright (c) 2023 VYPE - All rights reserved)


Setting the pace for the Warriors since her freshman year, Zoe Calimani enters her senior season.

The captain led her team to the TAPPS-5A State Meet in 2022, in which the team placed seventh overall. Calimani played a huge role in the team’s finish as she placed eighth individually out of nearly 150 runners.

“My teammates are definitely my biggest inspiration,” said Calimani. “Furthermore, being a captain on this team helps to motivate me because I’ve been given the responsibility of setting an example for them. It’s my teammates who drive me to be better.”

2023-24 TWCA Cross Country Bradley C. Collier (VYPE)

When she’s not on the trails or the track oval, the senior Warrior quite literally plays her own tune to unwind.

“I happen to be a pianist, along with being a distance runner, which I think helps me to be somewhat distinct,” Calimani said. “I’ve been playing the piano for 10 years now. I found that it helps to balance my life, especially since I’m often in the spotlight with cross country and track.

“I find that playing the piano is like my quiet place. I mostly play classical music, but it allows me to be alone for a period and relax.”

It won’t be long before Calimani graduates, so, what might her future hold?

Bradley C. Collier (VYPE)

“I know it’s funny to say, but I still see myself running,” she laughed. “I just love to run, it keeps me healthy and I feel like there’s such a great community around the sport. If I get the opportunity to run in college, even if it’s not competitive, I’m more than likely going to take it.

“Career-wise, I want to go into medicine or maybe in the field of pediatric nursing. It can be a difficult field to get into, but it’s an aspiration of mine.”

If she has the determination to run several miles in the brutal Texas heat on a daily basis, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that Calimani is capable of making anything a reality.