Official BBQ of Yankee Stadium has Houston flavor

NEW YORK – The official barbecue of Yankee Stadium has Texas roots.

“I do think that there’s a New York barbecue, and I think that’s what we call what we do,” pitmaster Hugh Mangum said.

Mangum is renowned in the culinary world. He's been smoking barbecue for 17 years.

“They wouldn’t be able to tell you which one was from New York City and which one is from Houston, Texas, in my opinion. I know this is a lightning rod, but I truly believe that,” Mangum said.

Mangum’s father grew up in the Houston area, and as a kid, his dad introduced him to some of best barbecue in the Lone Star State.

“The experience of sitting across from my father and that memory is what makes it special to me,” he said.

It was so special, it became Mangum’s inspiration.

“When he passed away, it was just a way to connect with him was through food. It was something we always shared, and we road-tripped in Texas,” said Mangum.

He opened Mighty Quinn’s in New York back in 2012, blending the barbecue traditions of Texas and the Carolinas, where his wife is from.

He now has 15 locations worldwide, including in Dubai, Manila and Taiwan.

“If someone is really honoring the tradition, I don’t believe that it has a state-line limit to it,” said Mangum.

Three baseball seasons ago came a new venture.

“We are the official barbecue of Yankee Stadium,” he said. “Everybody loves barbecue, even the Yankees and the Astros fans.”

For Mangum, it doesn’t matter where people fire up the pit, as long as they do it right.

We asked him to describe his barbecue in one word, and he responded: “Damn good. Two words. Really damn good.”

Mangum’s mother is from the Bronx, so being the official barbecue of Yankee Stadium has made her especially proud.