Check out these two new murals in Houston celebrating the Astros

Mural painted by Sebastian “Mr. D 1987” Bouleau after the Astros win ALDS Game 1 against Tampa Bay Rays on Oct. 4, 2019. (Muros)

HOUSTON – Local artists are rewarding the city for every postseason win with a new Astros mural in central Houston locations.

Through the art company Muros, brands or businesses and local artists are brought together to create projects in many cities. The company's most recent collaboration is between the Houston Astros and local artists.

Since the Astros have two wins so far in the ALDS, two Astros-themed murals have been painted in the heights and east downtown.

Check out the celebratory artwork:

Win 1 mural
Artist: Sebastian "Mr. D 1987" Bouleau
Location: Warehouse Live


Win 2 mural
Artist: Tarbox
Location: Lola's Breakfast In The Heights


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