10 Houston Astros super fan photos you have to see


HOUSTON – Devoted Houston Astros fans have an inventive streak that translates well into what they wear to the ballpark, work and -- in the case of the Houston-area's many adorable kiddos and pets -- playing around the house.

We asked you, our loyal viewers and readers, to share your most interesting Astros gear with us (and it's not too late to submit yours), and here are some of the spectacular early entries we received. 

1. Super Astros!


 This pair is decked out from head-to-toe in Astros gear with a superhero spin. We love their devotion to theme -- and their fierce pose.

2. Hot helmet


We know Minute Maid is air-conditioned, but it's still hot at most games. This fan's willingness to stick his head in a helmet, likely for a number of hours, is admirable.

3. Honoring first responders 

It's great to honor our first responders through Astros gear. What a great look, and again, with the devotion to theme. Those thick firefighter pants and helmet must be hot to wear at games.

4. A winning look

This dress is amazing! The Astros colors are in a star-like pattern. We wonder if it's handmade, and if so, that's an even higher level of super-fandom on display. Would you pull out a sewing machine to honor the Astros? She did.

5. Astros Mini Super Fans

Two things on this photo: These two are adorable in their Astros gear -- and they're holding hands! Can we get that Astros dress in adult sizes?

6. Pup-tastic


Dogs can show their Astros love too, and this one's look is on point, from the scarf to the leash to the tulle skirt. What a little lady.

7. Astros appreciation from head-to-toe!  


From the hat to the skirt -- which snubs the Texas Rangers as representative of Texas -- this stunning ensemble is Astros gear elevated to something you could wear beyond the ballpark. Imagine showing up to an Astros-themed wedding in this. Perfection!

8. Decked out and ready to party

This fan was ready to celebrate her birthday with the Astros. There's nothing like getting all dressed up to party with the team. We love her smile and adoration for Jose Altuve. 

9. So much love for this sombrero!


We love that his shirt's shade matches perfectly with the sombrero. Solid look, man. Solid.

10. All the things

A fire hat. Altuve. A tulle skirt. This look is all-the-things. And we love them all. It all works so well. 

Do you have an Astros look that tops these? Share a photo with us here. You can only add to the team's strength with your game-face support.


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