Texans rookie KJ Dillon gets stuck with $16,000 tab

(KJ Dillon/Twitter)

HOUSTON – It's a longstanding NFL tradition -- sticking rookies with a bill for an over-the-top meal. Texans safety K.J. Dillon can now say he has been the target of that expensive, all-in-good-fun hazing.

A group of Texans players had that outrageous dinner Monday night at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse in downtown Houston.

Dillon tweeted a picture of the receipt, which totaled $16,255.20. Along with the picture, Dillon wrote, "When you get left with the tab."

The receipt tells a story of a night of excess. It included 22 glasses of Hennessy for a grand total of $7,700. However, it wasn't all about top-shelf alcohol.

The Texans also ate well, with sea bass, lobster, filet mignon and prime rib-eye all listed on the receipt.

Dillon, however, didn't get to experience that. He ordered only a salad, and in a reply to the tweet he said he doesn't drink alcohol.

Dillon seemed to take it all in stride though, having fun with it on social media until Tuesday morning. By 10 a.m., all but one tweet referencing the elaborate feast had been deleted.