Adoptable pets at the Houston Humane Society


The gallery attached to this story is a collection of photos that are up for adoption at the Houston Humane Society. For more information about any of the animals in the gallery, you can visit, call 713-433-6421 or stop by the shelter located at 14700 Almeda Road.

See the photos below to see the Houston Human Society’s featured pet of the week and other furry friends available for adoption:



Polo (Houston Humane Society)

Polo 1 year. Hi! I’m Polo! I have been told I am a very handsome guy! I am shy and unsure when meeting new people and in new situations because I am a cruelty survivor. When I get to know a person I trust, I will often go towards them to help me through an uncomfortable situation. I have a brand new set of skills thanks to Pet Suites Pearland & so much love to give. I really want a family I can trust and love!


Sassi (Houston Humane Society)

Sassi 2 years. Sassi is Heartworm positive, but that doesn’t stop her from loving with ALL of her heart. Her heartworm treatment is also FULLY sponsored by some really nice people! This sweet girl has a permanent smile on her face and a tail that’s always wagging!


Jersey (Houston Humane Society)

Jersey 1 year. Hi! I’m Jersey! I am a very sweet, affectionate guy! I enjoy having time to play for a while then I just want to hang out. I really enjoy doggie pools and will put my whole snout under the water! I can’t wait to find someone who loves my energy and exuberance!


Markie (Houston Humane Society)

Markie is 3 years old. Markie is house trained and has the best manners! Markie knows commands like Sit and lay down. He enjoys lying in a comfy bed and would make the perfect cuddle buddy after a long work week.


Allegre (Houston Humane Society)

Allegre is 9 years old. I know my name, come when called, and sit! I am very good with other dogs and like adults and kids. Overall, I am a lower energy gal just waiting for someone to take me home. Meet with me today!


Axel (Houston Humane Society)

Axel is 1 year old. I am a giant puppy who learns quickly. I walk great on leash and have had some home training. I’d adjust well to any home that provides love and affection. I could be a true couch potato.


Bella (Houston Humane Society)

Bella is 8 years old. Bella may be older, but she doesn’t look it or act like it! She very much enjoys going for walks on a nice day with her human friends and does well with dogs. Volunteers describe Bella as a “go with the flow” type of girl. They also say she loves to roll in fresh grass! Bella knows sit, down and shake, and walks very nicely on a leash.


Roddy (Houston Humane Society)

Roddy 8 Months Old Roddy is such a jolly boy who enjoys getting in the spirit of any holiday. He has a great nose for treats and gets a kick out of hide and go seek treats!

This playful pup will make a great addition to a family that is looking for a smaller pup that is polite and very gentle.


Nina 1 years old. Nina needs a home. This energetic girl is in love with yellow tennis balls. She can’t wait to have her own backyard and family to play with. Nina walks well on a leash and is learning new tricks like sitting and staying. Take Nina home today and make her dream of a new home come true. (Houston Humane Society)

Nina 1 years old. Nina needs a home. This energetic girl is in love with yellow tennis balls. She can’t wait to have her own backyard and family to play with. Nina walks well on a leash and is learning new tricks like sitting and staying. Take Nina home today and make her dream of a new home come true.


Delgado (Houston Humane Society)

Delgado is 4 years old. His heartworm treatment has been SPONSORED! You would’ve never guessed poor Delgado was abandoned at our parking lot by the look of his great smile! At just 4-years old, he’s excited about all the new adventures he’ll make with his new family. He loves people and rolls over automatically for non-stop belly rubs. He would be great with a family that is active or just wants to sit on the patio and enjoy the summer days. He’s learning how to walk on the leash and will do best with a family with older kids.


Checo (Houston Humane Society)

Checo is a KPRC TV Celebrity! He was featured on KPRC #PetProject. See him in action here.

Checo is a 7-month-old spotted baby boy! He arrived at the shelter after being found roaming the Houston streets. He’s a natural explorer, which has earned him the nickname “Checo the Explorer”. His favorite thing to do is fetch tennis balls! He could nibble on them for hours. Checo would do great in a home with lots of toys and outdoor adventure. Come meet Checo today and he could be your next adventure buddy!


Tigre (Houston Humane Society)

Hi, I’m Tigre and I’m 2 years old. Let’s make a pact. If you promise to give me hugs, I’ll give you unlimited kisses & will make you my forever love. Also, did you check out my picture and see how handsome I SIT? I consider myself pretty smart so if you spend some time training me I’ll be able to learn other fancy tricks as well. Did I say I LOVE treats?


Georgie (Houston Humane Society)

Georgie is 3 years old. His Heartworm Treatment is partially sponsored! Georgie spent some time at PetSuites in their training program! Here is what his friends at PetSuites have to say about Georgie: “Georgie is an entertaining goofy guy. He appreciates everybody he meets, and oftentimes he prefers love over treats. He is a huge people pleaser! We believe he would fit best in an active home with no small children. When meeting other dogs Georgie is respectful but cautious, with the right dog he might gain enough confidence to be playful. He is always grateful for any new toys he receives, when left alone he is very good at entertaining himself with the toys he cherishes so much. He is potty trained. He also loves a nice game of fetch. He would absolutely adore any human he would be able to call his own.”



Riddle (Houston Humane Society)

Riddle 3 years. I’m as handsome as they come & I know it! I love to flick my ginger tail around while rubbing up against your legs wherever you go. I’ll be your shadow, but I won’t be a quiet one. I love telling you how much I love your pets with my SUPER loud purrs!


Gamora (Houston Humane Society)

Gamora 2 years. I’m a shy little girl at first, but once I get to know you, my personality blossoms like a flower! I love to jump to the tippy top of the cat tower & keep watch over all of my friends in our cat condo at HHS, but i’d love to have a home of my own even more!


Momo (Houston Humane Society)

Momo 2 years. I am the sweetest boy on the block. My little chirps and head nudges are my way of saying “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WOW!” I’d be happy sitting in your lap all day, just don’t stop petting me!


Mango (Houston Humane Society)

Mango 4 years. I’m an easy-going, care-free, treat-loving, sweet boy! I am so chill, you might not even notice I’m laying right beside you until you hear my little purrs! I’d love a home I could call my own, and kick back & relax in!


Ryan (Houston Humane Society)

Ryan is 5 years old. Ryan has lived alone on the street his entire life but is now ready for the SWEET life. Ryan is a very quiet and reserved kitty who likes his own space. If you are looking for a first-time pet, Ryan would be a great option! He is litter boxed trained and would be comfortable hanging out by himself for a while if the work week gets busy.

Kitty Calore

Kitty Galore (Houston Humane Society)

Kitty Galore is 5 years old. Hi I’m Kitty Galore. I am a proper little lady who will tell you what I want, when I want it. I enjoy playtime with my fuzzy toys and kennelmates. I would love to join a family who loves cuddles and playtime!


Knox (Houston Humane Society)

Knox 3 years old. Knox fits the personality of your typical cat. He is very curious! Such an animated boy who you could watch for hours. He loves to use his nose to nudge things and explore. He’d be perfect for a family that enjoys a low-maintenance kind of pet with all of the frills!


Scarlett (Houston Humane Society)

Scarlett 1 year old. Scarlett is an adorable kitty model. She is all about high fashion. She would make a great companion for any fashionista trying to make a statement. Scarlett does run to the beat of her own drum so she is very independent and very low maintenance. A great pet for someone who may live in an apartment looking for their first pet!


Wally (Houston Humane Society)

Wally is 2 years old. Wally is the perfect cuddly buddy you could EVER ask for! She loves to roll on his back and his side and have you pet him. She loves all the attention she can get and being loved on so dearly. If you have so much love to give, Wally is the girl for you!


Harper (Houston Humane Society)

Harper is 1 year old. Harper is a young cat who is learning how to play with others. She does prefer her own space and would love to live like a true Queen. Harper was rescued from the streets of Houston and is well-deserving of this! Could your home be her next castle?