Harris County Sheriff's Office sergeant rescues puppies and piglet

HOUSTON – When Sgt. James Dousay, of the Harris County Sheriff's Office Homicide Unit isn't tracking down murderers and solving crimes, you might find him in north Houston, hanging around the county's livestock barn.

Recently, his family adopted several abandoned animals like three dogs named Carly, Maddie and Bartlebee and one pig named Wendell. Wendell was found in poor health, weighted about 15 pounds and could barely walk. The Livestock team nursed the pig to health.  

Tonight at 8 p.m. on KPRC 2, Dousay will be featured on a special two-hour episode of Dateline NBC. 

"When you get to know the people that make up our department," Dousay said, "you get to know we have caring people, they love animals...to come home from what we do every day and to come home to these babies, and they're always happy to see me, there always waging their tails, you know they might want a bone, they might want a treat, but they don't ask of anything else. Just love and care."