Update: Woman who used Gorilla Glue says she’s going to ‘see a surgeon’ for removal

Tessica Brown demonstrates the rigidity of her hair in a TikTok video posted Feb. 3, 2021. (im_d_ollady/TikTok)

The saga continues for the woman who is struggling to remove Gorilla Glue from her hair after more than 15 washes, an emergency room visit, and natural remedies suggested by her TikTok followers.

Tessica Brown first made headlines after posting a TikTok video revealing her hair has been stuck in place for nearly a month after using Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive.

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Since attracting an audience, Brown continues to share updates regarding her hairdo situation online.

On Tuesday, Brown announced on her Instagram she would be traveling to Los Angeles to see a plastic surgeon who she is hopeful can save her hair.

TMZ reported Tuesday that Brown meeting with Dr. Michael Obeng, who has offered to help her for free.

According to TMZ, Obeng estimates the procedure will take two or three days to completely remove the Gorilla Glue.

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